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The juggling of electric car conversion issues, video shooting, and video editing has been a bit of an adventure. Long time friend and business partner Phil Becker used to say:

1. I know how to parachute.
2. I even know how to make parachutes.
3. I have all the necessary components of a parachute.

So this should be simple. All we have to do is jump out of the plane, sew up a parachute, put it on, and pull the cord, before we hit the ground.

In any event, my wife is off to Jacksonville to help her daughter and visit her grandson, and so this weekend I did some video editing. Actually we have a LOT of footage lying around. And we’re making good progress on the car. I’m quite excited about it I think it’s going to be very good – once the usual set of small problems is overcome.

In any event, Brian’s stepson Kurt is actually enrolled in a video production program over at SIU Carbondale, and although just starting out, he’s been with us this summer acting as camera man.

I just posted a one hour video on Front End Disassembly. This is basically disconnecting various wires and hoses from the engine and dismantling the front bumper/headlights/radiator to reveal the engine. BMW calls this final assembly position. Incredibly, you have to do all this to do almost anything to this engine. Like change the alternator. Or air conditioning compressor. Or starter. You can’t really work on ANYTHING on this engine without completely dismantling the front end of the car. And it is nontrivial. It involves evacuating the airconditioning system, draining the radiator, etc.

In any event, when complete, we should have full access to virtually all components of our system without all this front end removal, or that is my intention.

I have also completed editing another one hour segment on engine removal. At the end of this one, we will have the drive train completely removed from the car, the engine and transmission demated, and it features a discussion of the electric motor and controller we’ve selected for the car, and points out some less expensive options.

Hope you enjoy.

Jack Rickard