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We were recently featured in a story in our local paper, the Southeast Missourian.  Nice story.  Thank you guys.

We’ve been in quite a struggle with our MES-DEA 200-250 Motor.  On assembly, we found a vibration in the drive train.  When we removed the drivetrain from the vehicle, we found a huge crack almost all the way around the end plate.

We appealed to our supplier, Victor Tichonov of Metric Mind and the manufacturer, MES-DEA for relief.  They threw us under the bus but big time.  No support at all.

We opened the motor and found the end plate was 6.22mm thick of CAST ALUMINUM.  An eggshell.  Hopelessly underweight to mount this motor with.

Our Friday, March 26 video describes the fix.  We had to have an entirely new endplate machined for this motor.  Cape Precision Machine came to our rescue with a superb job on this end plate and we finally got the wheels spinning on the 2009 Mini Cooper.  Hopefully, we’ll have it out for a first drive this week.

We also include in this week’s news show a walk through of Tim Catellier’s 2000 BMW Z3 conversion. Tim did a great conversion of this car with a Zilla controller and Netgain 11 motor.

Jack RIckard