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This week we celebrate departure of the Speedster Part Duh Thursday afternoon to Bremen Indiana for evaluation and examination by the pros at Special Edition Inc. It will be interesting to learn their reaction to this vehicle. A number of their customers have done electric drive installations on their rollers, and they have been very good to work with on modifications to accommodate this. This will be their first look at doing a turnkey in house. it’s a daunting prospect, to approach such a thing.

Before it left, we accomplished a couple of last minute items. We DID get the EVWorks fuel gage driver waving our fuel gage needle around, and in more or less the proper direction. We also added a coolant temperature sensor to the controller chill plate and it drives the existing temp gage VERY nicely. We got lucky here.

We did quite a bit of Dynomometer tests on both the original Speedster and Speedster Part Duh. Here are some of the pretty graphs images used in the video.

But we also have the full data and I’m going to make this available in Microsoft Xcel spreadsheet format for you to download and puzzle over. Two files and

Finally, I’ve done a little preliminary work on an OWNERS MANUAL for Speedster Part Duh. It’s not only rough, but its a long way from complete. But I thought I would post it on the Amazon server and put a link to it HEREand then just overwrite the file as I get time and update it. In this way, you can return here to this link to get the latest as it appears. It’s in Microsoft Word format at the moment. Eventually it will be a PDF and we’ll probably make it available for order in print on Amazon.