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I’ve cobbled together some “pictorial diagrams” showing the wiring of the Speedster. These are a bit awkward. Rather than drawing schematics, I’ve kind of put together a bit of a wiring diagram using little pictures that might be more understandable to those unaccustomed to schematic diagrams, and probably annoying to those who are.

I’ve split these into three individual diagrams, that overlap a bit. The first is a high voltage distribution diagram. This depicts the basic distribution of your 120vdc battery pack voltage.

The second of these shows 12vdc power distribution. In the High Voltage diagram we applied pack voltage to a Chennic DC-DC converter. In this diagram, we route the output to the existing 12v distribution fuse block in the vehicle, and thence to the ignition switch and all the 12v items we’ve added to the car.

The Instrumentation and Control diagram shows the throttle, brake transducer, and other inputs INTO the Curtis 1238 controller to drive the car. It also depicts our added instruments to derive AH, SOC, voltage, etc from the system.

Finally, I’ve uploaded a Microsoft XCEL spreadsheet showing all our current Curtis 1238 configuration parameters. This spreadsheet ALSO shows all our Victron BMV600HS configuration parameters. You can download the spreadsheet here.