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We’ve been wrangling over chargers and controllers for weeks. But I’ll delay no further. We are going to announce a contest for $20,000 worth of EV components that we believe will be the most popular promotion we’ve ever done.

I hear constantly from people with great ideas for an electric vehicle, but who are very hesitant to commit to the resources to actually build it. Our mission, as you know, is to try to inspire ALL of you to go to the garage and build an electric vehicle. As more of you do so, the world will move rather dramatically in your direction. This I know.

But to kick off our attempt to gain sponsors for the EVTV show, we are going to launch a contest for $20,000 worth of EV components. We think this will be a win/win/win in a lot of directions.

First, our viewers will have a chance at a truly deluxe pile of EV components to build the dream car they’ve thought about.

For our sponsors, it will give them six months of continous exposure as sponsors of the contest and build sales of their products at a trivial cost.

For us, it will do several things.

1. It should provide a bit of a boost in viewership.

2. It lets us survey our viewers to find out more about them, and more importantly how they think we could do better.

3. It allows us to demonstrate the power of focused targeted advertising to some vendors who are not experienced in this area.

So we think it will be great for the sponsoring vendors, great for us, and really great for ONE of you. But hopefully it will be fun for the rest and allow you a way to provide us with some useful feedback on the show, and show your support for there being more of them.

Currently, we are contributing 50 China Aviation Lithium Battery Company 180AH cells and the shipping of the pile to the eventual winner. This pack should do 165v and about 30kWh with a constant output of 720 amps.

Our sponsors will make a modest financial contribution toward that and the product. Netgain has already kicked in with a brand new Warp9 motor of the latest build with new style brushes good to 192v, a new fan casting design for improved air flow, new larger 1/2 inch terminals, and some 23 other minor design improvements.

Netgain will get a 1 minute commercial on EVTV for the entire six months of the contest, and of course be featured in the weekly promo for the contest. AFTER the contest they’ll be featured as we follow the build.

We ARE going to include a charger and a controller as well. We just haven’t worked out which ones yet. As you know, I have a couple of Zillas on hand, but I’d rather a controller and charger that are new to the market and that anyone could actually purchase. Zilla’s “production” status remains a mystery to me generally.

But I’ve decided not to hold up the contest any further. We’ve actually been planning this for about 6 weeks and the anticipation is too much for me.

The survey form is quite lengthy. That’s what its all about.

The plan at the moment is to select 10 entries and gather further information from them on their proposed build. We’ll then post them and allow our viewers to vote on who should get the pile of components kind of after the fashion of America’s Got Talent, although I’m never sure they do.

Of course, the real secret is that we only have about 11 viewers, so the odds of being a finalist are pretty good.

Above all, have fun with it.

Jack Rickard