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This week we resume after our Thanksgiving break. ;We have a lot of little things going on, and some recurring questions I’ve finally a minute to form some kind of cogent explanation for that won’t sound like total nonsense.

The first had to do with cycle life. Understanding how it is calculated is the key to knowing what it IS and that knowledge in turn indicates what you should DO about it.  We received some information last June from CALB – actually some test data and I converted that to a Microsoft Excel graph to make it a bit more visual.
We also address some issues with charging and chargers surrounding how the charger determines the voltage point and where to switch from a constant current mode to a constant voltage mode.
We give a first look at the Current Ways programmable charger.
And we have installed and already since filming the video we have gotten WORKING the EVWorks Zeva2 Fuel Gage driver device.  I LOVE this little unit.  Counts AH and drives a fuel gage to give you a more or less ACCURATE indication of your battery SOC based on AH.
It ALSO provides a pulsed output for instantaneous video – which you can use to display current on your existing tachometer.
Finally, it provides an alarm output to drive an LED if you reach a certain point in DOD.  We’ll eventually use this for switching in a reistor across our throttle to provide a “limp mode”.
jack RIckard