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The BMS/Charger thing has actually got me in a rage these days. The stupidity and greed are palpable in the air. But it is not innocent stupidity and greed. It is probably the most damaging thing being done today in EV land.

The U.S. Congress and Senate, two of the exemplar houses of stupidity and greed, have enthusiastically passed the most idiotic thing to come out of our legislative body in – well, DAYS. In an absolutely mindless pander to the BLIND if you can imagine, they have legislated that all electric vehicles have to have a NOISE maker so they are as loud and annoying as the other cars on the road. This, so blind pedestrians don’t get clobbered by an EV.

How many incidents of this have occurred? Of what magnitude is this growing threat to life and limb. NONE CITED. But if only ONE blind child is saved…. you know the story.

Meanwhile, David Andreas, Dmitri, Rich Rudmann, and the entire BMS crowd continue to burn cars to the ground with reckless and mindless abandon – all for such a pathetic little bit of profit I can’t imagine any of them being able to buy pizza with it. It is madness.

The latest from Norway, a converted Nissan burnt up while charging on a large ferry, severely damaging the ship. Apparently a SECOND one burned in a parking lot. Video here:



In both cases, the cars burned while charging. Again, on the ship, it was in the wee hours of the morning (end of charge) while everyone was asleep.

Here’s a link to a very nice brochure from the company that made the car.

It looks like a very nice and very professional conversion and they tout safety as their very highest priority. Of course they use a BMS – for safety.

The article vaguely alludes to a “short” and an “unauthorized plug”. Of course. Since 3/4 of our knowledgeable community can’t get this right, what do you expect the media reaction to be.

I’ll tell you what it is to be. As more electric cars get on the road, and as more of these needless fires get to star in thir own news video, if they’ll pass legislation to require noise on electric cars to save nobody who’s ever been injured or threatened with one, imagine the field day they’ll have making electric car conversions ILLEGAL. Only professionals should be playing with these incendiary devices and high voltages. It’s in the interest of public safety.

It is absolutely inevitable. The honeymoon occurred in obscurity. And of course, as Pogo noted 3/4 of a century ago, “We have met the enemy…. and he is US. ”