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We’ve been in contact with a somewhat interesting pair who are on a worldwide tour in an electric car.

Hjalte Tin and Nina Rasmussen left Compenhagen on June 25 on a 41,000 mile trek in a Nissan QashQuai converted to electric drive by AFUTURE Electric Vehicles They are driving around the planet on a year long odyssey and plugging in where they might.

This morning, they are at a campground in Poplar Bluff and advise us they could use a charge and a place to stay. So we expect them this afternoon and we’ll have them join us for dinner.

The AFUTURE Nissan Qashqai is an SUV converted to elecric with a range of up to 250 km. Recall that this was the car that burned up the ferry in Norway. I hope it doesn’t do in our shop. BMS all over the place driving two helpless Brusa chargers. It will be interesting to have a look at the configuration.

The couple is detailing their tour on a web site called MotoMundo

They are on their way from Dallas to St. Louis and someone from our own Gateway EV has arranged for their charging there. Then on to Detroit in time for the Detroit Auto show.

I rather gather that AFUTURE is funding all this to demonstrate their cars. They seem to be trying to raise as much media and press attention as possible and doing a fair job of it. I would as soon paddle a canoe around the world but it is interesting that they are doing it I suppose.

In any event, we look forward to an interesting visit. We’ll let you know what we find. Maybe we can shoot a segment or something for next weeks’ show.

Jack Rickard