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EVTV is distributed on the Internet of course, using Amazon’s Cloudnet service. We now have regular viewers in 115 countries and about 45 percent of our viewers are outside of the United States and Canada.

Even here in the United States, the vast majority of our viewers are of course where the vast majority of people are, California, Texas, Florida, New York etc.

Missouri is quite centrally located, but hardly one of the “blue” states. The climate or environment is mostly a matter of curiosity over the weather during deer season. It’s actually a great place to live – the Heartland. But electric cars are not really all over the place here. A few golf carts and indeed a couple of GEM’s on the road here. But it’s not Yorba Linda as Rush would say. Actually, this IS where Rush is from.

So we have the odd, but often pleasant reality of a very international, even global reach. But hardly anyone here locally in Cape Girardeau even knows what we do or why we do that.

I left Cape at 18 years of age to see the world and seek my fortune. Things went well, and about 10 years ago I returned. I have many friends here from my early days, and it does indeed engender a sense of belonging, and history, and indeed to a degree tradition.

Of course there were a lot of people moved in here during the 28 years I was gone. And it’s true I may have changed some over those 28 years.

But I’ve been back some time now. But I’m a bit of an oddity to most of the locals that didn’t know me before I left. And the general rule is that I’m a lot more fun to talk ABOUT than I am to talk TO. I hang out in my garage, make my own whiskey, shoot golf balls into the river. I’ve mostly eschewed formal dress. I have no visible means of support. All in all an odd character.

And so I’m kind of the weird old guy that lives down in an older poorer section of town under the bridge, talks to himself a lot and is always tinkering with “radio waves” and what not.

But Jeff Cunningham, a local television anchor and feature story writer for our local KFVS television station kind of took an interest in what we were doing a year or so ago with the electric Porsche replicas and did a short spot on us in his FULL THROTTLE THURSDAY segment where he talks about cars. It’s a popular local segment.

A couple of weeks ago he came down to see what we were up to so we showed him the shop and let him drive the Mini. He’s a “car guy” and likes cars generally and has had some success with an occasionally irregular feature he calls “Full Throttle Thursday.”

He did a pretty lengthy story on us for the local news station – over four minutes – and I thought it quite good. In the past, local television news reporting on electric cars has been pretty garbled. But it appears to be getting better. He fully understood and artfully conveyed about all that could be conveyed in a spot this length. I was quite pleased with the story.