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I cannot express my discouragement at this moment and my rage at my own failures here. I cannot find the words or the logic to persuade nor to convince and Im at the point of giving up.

1. Total destruction – intense heat.
2. Unattended charging
3. 11:00 PM

Number 15 to my count.

There is nothing more to say. It doesn’t matter which BMS. It isn’t about a “debate”. It no longer matters what your opinion is. You don’t get an opinion.

These are no longer a series of “freak” accidents. There is no “lack of installation expertise”. Nothing is “set up wrong.” It is a FULLY FORMED pattern that any moron can see. And if they cannot see it, I”m betting they have a United States Dollar opinion on it. And that IS evil. When does someone have to die?

This project was sponsored by AAA. AAA happens to be an automobile insurance company.

We are MOMENTS AWAY from having all Lithium based cells declared hazardous material and hazmat licensing required to even HANDLE them. NO ONE will be able to get automobile insurance for ANY electric vehicle using ANY lithium battery EVER.

We have ALREADY lost the air freight battle on these cells. They haven’t released the final ruling yet, but its already a done deal.

And here I sit. I can hit them with a MAPP torch and I can’t GET them to go off. It is NOT hte batteries. But it’s ALWAYS the batteries. This is an argument that CANNOT be won. They will take away our cells. And there is nothing to be said. They are a violent hazard, while at the same time being perfectly safe and totally inert.

All because of this BMS idiocy and an absolute panic among the BMS heralds to make Jack Rickard sit down and shut up or otherwise be widely KNOWN to be irrelevant on the subject. And not a ONE of them makes enough money out of it to BUY PIZZA ANYWAY!!!! They’re ALL starving to DEATH. Still they chant nonsense and point out that it cannot be “proven” (to their satisfaction).

The inability of this community to identify and agree on the cause, will result in your forfeiture, most likely, of the batteries AND the cars. TYPE YOURSELF SMART WITH THAT!

The oil companies and OEM’s need do nothing but smirk while you all gather in a circle, pour gasoline over your heads and immoliate yourselves. All from a handful of smart ass geniuses that wanted to make a buck in the EV business and didn’t mind staying up day and night typing themselves smart and dragging anyone that would listen down into the hole with them.

I give up…..

Jack Rickard