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It fits the profile. Charging at 4:15 AM. Total destruction of both cars and the garage, melted the doorknob off the door to the garage it was so hot.

What is interesting is that Storm Connors Suzuki Samarai uses flood lead acid batteries. I have never gotten a lead acid to burn. Blew the end off a few, but the electrolyte is 90% water and they just don’t burn.

The other car was a new Chevy Volt. LG Chem batteries. Our first VOLT fire?

More news:

UPDATE: Apparently, days AFTER the fire was put out, the charred Chevrolet Volt AGAIN reignited in the already burned out garage. Here on AUTOBLOG

Chevrolet spokesmen have been howling that it is NOT the volt that caused it and urging everyone to NOT jump to conclusions. I wonder what the latest hasty conclusions might be….