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Not a lot going on this week. We reinstalled the Soliton1’s in the Cadillace Elescalade EXT, installed a cooling system for these controllers, and began reassembly
of the front end.

We are getting closer to the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON) scheduled for September 26-30 of this year. We’ve lost a few friends from last year who won’t be
with us do to wife issues, and picked up many new faces coming for the first time.

We’ve picked up a couple of speakers this week. John Metric of DC Plasma drag race team has been elected president of NEDRA. He’ll be joining us to share data he had derived in
some very high power runs on the drag strip in his nine-second car. Ron Adamowicz is already bringing his new Camarro with twin 11 inch motors and a Shiva so it should be
a very interesting meeting.

Steve Woodruff heads AutoBeYours in Indianna. Last year he brought the Prius Limo. AutoBeYours has led the conversion of Prius hybrid vehicles to plug-in capability and traded
in damaged Prius cars and components. More recently they have begun working with the Leaf. Steve represents the ultimate scrounger of hybrid and e-car parts from insurance companies, junkyards etc.
He’ll be talking on “mining the junkyard” to get OEM electric car components you can use for your electric car conversion.

We added a bit of whimsey with our copper foil helmet, a concerned woman’s observation that rainbows in lawn sprinklers are actually part of a vast and evil government conspiracy, and a repeat run of the Turbo Entrabulator – one of the most significant innovations in automatic transmissions of the last century – we think. From what we understand of what he said.

Anne Kloppenberg gives us a run in the New Electric Glastron and provides some very interesting data on current and rpm and voltage in reaching 47 km/hour on the water. And he graphically illustrates why NOT to have an Anderson connector laying in the bottom of a boat.

Jack Rickard