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5th Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention – EVCCON

September 29th to October 4th, 2015 – Cape Girardeau Missouri

In September of 2011, 140 Electric Vehicle Conversion enthusiasts and 28 vehicles gathered in Cape Girardeau Missouri for nearly a week of educational sessions, shopwork, autocross and drag races, car shows, and general EV mayhem
in what many describe as the best EV convention ever held.

Each year since, a growing number of electric vehicle enthusiasts, many with their cars brought from extraordinary distances, have gathered in Cape Girardeau in this very nearly secret annual meeting to meet and compare build techniques, discuss the latest batteries and components, and examine each other’s build efforts. Over 70% of the attendees to the FIRST EVCCON in 2011 have returned year after year, joined by an increasing number of new builders each year. An astounding 24% of EVCCON attendees come from outside the U.S. and Canada. Last year we had representatives from 11 countries, including a team from the University of Lisbon in Portugal, another from Amsterdam, and a third from the UK. Two individuals at EVCCON 2013 traveled from Victoria Australia, to meet for the first time at EVCCON, and learned they lived 16 miles apart in Australia.

This is a meeting of people who BUILD electric cars for fun or profit Some are from University build teams and indeed a few actually do work
in the engineering group at conventional automotive OEMs. Some will have small businesses providing components or services to this group – indeed it has become the venue to announce new developments and products before a more public rollout. More than anything, EVCCON has become the annual “open house” event of Electric Vehicle Television – EVTV where Brian and Jack open up the shop where EVTV is filmed and where attendees show off their vehicles and compare solutions to problems – often on one of the EVTV vehicle lifts. It will be heavily focused on educational sessions, and quite technical – discussing the latest developments in battery technology, drive trains, thermal management, control, instrumentation, and related disciplines along with tips and experiences of some of the veterans who run successful conversion shops NOW.

EVCCON is also fun – a full day at the local airport with an 1/8th mile drag race, autocross, a weigh station to determine vehicle weight, a truck mounted dynomometer to test vehicles for horsepower and torque and free beer for the kids. We also host a car show and parade to show off the vehicles to the local residents of Cape Girardeau Missouri. In 2013, we added a NEDRA sanctioned event at a local Sikeston Speedway.

EVCCON promises to be THE convention in the future to show your very best custom electric vehicle design work to an appreciative audience of knowledgeable peers. It is already the largest showcase of custom electric vehicles in the world. We would again expect several hundred delegates and 40-50 “co-hosts” with custom electric cars for EVCCON 2015. This event is shaping up as THE venue to see, touch, feel, and examine the latest components and techniques to convert a gasoline powered vehicle to electric drive and to see some of the best examples of custom electric cars in the world. Won’t you join us?

AC Brase Arena
410 Kiwanis Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO

EVCCON 2014 videos on Youtube →